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Chicago, Il 60613
United States


About Maggie

Plug of the week

The Jam - See Maggie making jokes about Trump on live TV way too God damn early in the morning.  Link to her segment here


made up word of the week

Slurmsh - That feeling when you can't tell if the vehicle you're in is moving or if it's the one next to you.  

Fun facts

In 1990 - Maggie was born in Oak Harbor, WA.

Formia, Italy - Is where Maggie went to an Italian Catholic school run by Filipino nuns from 2000-2001.

The Academy Awards - Maggie was part of the background of the 2010 Oscars Red Carpet paparazzi photos

One time - Andrea Martin sang a few bars of Rod Stewart's "Wake Up Maggie" to her.

Gurkha - In 7th grade, Maggie's school bus always had a Nepalese bodyguard on board armed only with a large knife.

In 2001 - Maggie's mother made her give her favorite toy--a tiny replica of the Pink Ranger--to a neighboring kid. Maggie has never forgiven her. 

Senior Prom - Maggie didn't go.  Instead she went to a Flight of the Conchords concert in Milwaukee with three single straight boys.

Stephen Fry - Once almost cut Maggie in the face with a rapier during a performance of Twelfth Night at Shakespeare's Globe.

French - Maggie le parle. Un peu.

Spain - One time Maggie flew to Barcelona to ask a friend if he would go on a date with her and he said no.

Hogwarts House - Maggie is a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw split.

Maggie - has a spreadsheet to keep track of all the television shows she has seen.

The Search For Life On Other Planets - Maggie's into it.